Friday, January 25, 2013


I don't know... I'm a bit mellow these days and came up with this flashback.

The reason I made this blog in the first place was to accomodate my weird and contradictive habits...
I love writing journals and diaries but I get bored easily, not to mention that I'm moody. So I've always ended up with uncontinued diary books. I thought that making a blog would be my solution and saving me from wasting diary books (and saving a forest).

Here's what happened in my everyday life that I've shared over the years here on A Day In The Life.


August 2007 - I started this blog and was still figuring out what I should write & share
November 2007 - I posted my first entry about my work team. I can recall the day, it was a hectic day full of pressure that I came up with a post to motivate myself.
Desember 2007 - I was still struggling with contents to put in my blog and posted a random entry about my characters.


February 2008 - I was still as random as I could be...
August 2008 - I had a blast attending my high school reunion.
November 2008 - I finally found my old passion and started cross-stitching again. It started with my first piece of cross-stitch and several pieces followed suit. And then my passion grew bigger and started to found cute designs. And I started writing in English instead of Bahasa Indonesia because I felt awkward writing in my native language (Yes, I'm weird like that o_O).


June 2009 - I found myself exploring my hometown for cross-stitch supplies more often and of course roaming the internet for ideas and informations. That's when I fell in love with colorful designs of Jeremiah Junction, fresh color of strawberries, and my all-time-favorite designers, Margaret Sherry.
August 2009 - I made a cross-stitch piece for my sister's birthday.


May 2010 - I posted a belated entry of my Oriental Cross Stitch by Lesley Teare.
June 2010 - I enjoyed making birthday gifts for my daughter's friends.
July 2010 - I tried out new designs, monochrome and traditional.
August 2010 - I love(d) batik, I should learn photography, and I stitched so slowly.
September 2010 - I learned new things about cross-stitching and blogging, a Stitch-A-Long and Blog Giveaway... And bought another traditional theme design of the Balinese Dancer.
October 2010 - I attended my university big reunion and stitching this and that.
November 2010 - Bali!!! I stitched a Balinese dancer design and did a work trip to Bali.
December 2010 - I finished my Balinese dancer and did my first New Year Cross Stitch Exchange with fellow Indonesian cross-stitchers.


January 2011 - It was time to reveal what was inside the New Year Cross Stitch Exchange package. I also updated my monochrome tablecloth progress and started my Parisian Street. I also made Violinist Cat from Margaret Sherry for another birthday girl.
February 2011 - More updates on Parisian Street, how I 'build' my 2nd storey of the cafe and then the 3rd storey.
March 2011 - A family gathering and another birthday gifts for Nabila and Tasya.
April 2011 - I did a slow update on my Parisian Street.
May 2011 - I finished my Margaret Sherry Lovers SAL #1, the Culinary Cats.
June 2011 - Parisian Street was finished and maicih was trending.
July 2011 - I finished my monochrome tablecloth and uploaded my blackwork piece.
October 2011 - After two months break, I was back with random post and old pieces post.
November 2011 - I enjoyed mobile photography and captured my everyday life through its lens.
December 2011 - Year-end has always been a hectic time, I struggled to do some stitching and spent holiday at home. And I joined the New Year Cross Stitch Exchange again.


January 2012 - New year and late posts of work trip.
February 2012 - More about my social network service on mobile photography and getting used to mobile blogging through my smartphone.
April 2012 - I joined Margaret Sherry Lover SAL #3 and finished its first piece. I used pictures from my phone camera for blog entries on mobile photography SNS, gardening try-out, and my birthday.
May 2012 - I started to drabble too much and did some updates.
June 2012 - I tried other form of craft, made changes on my daily routines, and prepared Margaret Sherry Lover Summer Exchange.
July 2012 - I finished cat #2 from the SAL and started Ramadhan fasting.
August 2012 - A start to hectic months at work and celebrating Eid-ul Fitri.
September 2012 - It was great participating in Margaret Sherry Lovers' Summer Exchange and doing a Pixie Parcel for a friend.
October 2012 - Appreciate life through Breast Cancer Awareness Month and treasuring friends and family we have.
December 2012 - Time to celebrate special days. And I actually did a New Year Cross Stitch Exchange for the third time, but didn't have time to post about it. Maybe later...

Enough with the flashbacks...
Let's enjoy some coffee and happy stitching!


  1. Salam perkenalan. Wah, banyak yg kamu sdh bikin - saya amat kagum! Keep stitching ya! :D

    1. Hello...! Salam kenal juga! Terima kasih yaaa.... Happy stitching to you too! Selamat berakhir pekan!