Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Change is always good?

It's been only 2 months since I exclaimed and posted that I love that one picture sharing app on my mobile phone, the Instagram.

But it began to develop a few major changes (not much to my liking... sadly).

It was the app of the year 2011. Then the team began to expand users, a different operating system users. And yesterday it was bought by the amazing Facebook...

As much as I'm happy for the Instagram team, still I'm not amused at all...

I'm taking it too seriously... It's just an app by the way...


  1. Sometimes change is inevitable.But you it know exactly (I think).
    Cheers from Hungary! :)

    1. Yes, indeed. Sometimes we can't avoid changes.
      Just hoping changes are conducted to make things even better...
      Thanks for stopping by Kati!

  2. I'm still not a friend of facebook.. I do love a lot of other things on the web but facebook? maybe it's just not my style! Can't get myself to like it :p
    But I do love that stitching picture :D

    1. I used to like Facebook for finding my long lost school and college friends... It's been good being updated about their well-being. But I gradually stop using it since I didn't fancy it anymore hehehe... I don't know why I'm being pissed off by FB buying Instagram, it's just too much having it in my life already.
      Well, as for the stitching, it was the outcome of my boredom & disappointment LOL