Monday, April 02, 2012

Margaret Sherry SAL 2012

Last month, I decided to join Margaret Sherry SAL #3. We have 4 Cool Cats to stitch throughout the year 2012. It is actually my 2nd SAL after the Culinary Cats SAL last year.

Well, since I have been taking a break from cross stitching activities for too long, I was kind of looking for a very very very good motivation to start again. So, here I was struggling with my loads of work and housework, and adding an extra load of my long-time hobby to make my day. It was so much fun, I should have done it long time ago. By the way, I started with the Spring Cat as my first piece.

Last weekend, this was what I had accomplished. Inspite of the commotions I had been through, I have always felt content surrounded by flosses, needles, scissor, and whatnots.

I was looking forward to finish this one soon (since the deadline was already overdue... *grin*)


  1. Happy stitching Dinny!! :D
    Looking great! :)

  2. @♥ Nia
    Hi Nia! I'm catching up!
    Will update soon in MS blog!
    Thanks a bunch ! XOXOXO