Thursday, May 05, 2011

Margaret Sherry Lovers SAL

I was participating in Margaret Sherry Lovers SAL which was held from February to April. We chose 3 cats from the Culinary Cats designs from the CrossStitcher magazine #222. Then we stitched one cat each month.

Now, I am so happy because I have finished all my Culinary Cats...
So.. happy dance anyone? :)
Here is a review of all my cats

February cat : I choose this cat because he/she is just like me. I use to read the recipe book before cooking, because I'm not very good at either remembering the ingredients, or cooking... LOL

March cat : This is actually my favorite cat... I love the expression on his/her face and love the cake

April cat : Also love the expression.. And by the way, I made a tiny little mistake on the broken egg.. I stitched the egg shell on the wrong position.. Well, it's no big deal, I think... :)

I have not had any idea on finishing the pieces.. Well, I think of framing them for the worst case
I have been enjoying this SAL very much, hope to do this kind of SAL again in the future...