Thursday, May 05, 2011

Margaret Sherry Lovers SAL

I was participating in Margaret Sherry Lovers SAL which was held from February to April. We chose 3 cats from the Culinary Cats designs from the CrossStitcher magazine #222. Then we stitched one cat each month.

Now, I am so happy because I have finished all my Culinary Cats...
So.. happy dance anyone? :)
Here is a review of all my cats

February cat : I choose this cat because he/she is just like me. I use to read the recipe book before cooking, because I'm not very good at either remembering the ingredients, or cooking... LOL

March cat : This is actually my favorite cat... I love the expression on his/her face and love the cake

April cat : Also love the expression.. And by the way, I made a tiny little mistake on the broken egg.. I stitched the egg shell on the wrong position.. Well, it's no big deal, I think... :)

I have not had any idea on finishing the pieces.. Well, I think of framing them for the worst case
I have been enjoying this SAL very much, hope to do this kind of SAL again in the future...


  1. Very lovely cats! I, unfortunately yet haven't embroidered with third(((

  2. Very lovely cats!!! Happy dance to you!!!! I love them all but unfortunately haven't tried any Margaret Sherry design! Do they contain lots of quarter stitches? I don't like quarters tough... :)

  3. You did a great job Dinny! All look adorable =)
    Do you know how you'll finish them?
    I think next weekend I'll post something finished from mine ;)
    Have a great day!! :D

  4. All of them are so cute,but my favorite is the 3rd one.I just love to lick the bowl when i'm making a cake!