Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Parisian Street - Finished

It has been a month since my home internet connection broken down. I have called the service center but no luck, yet. Well, I have to count on my mobile phone for a while then. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy blogging from my mobile phone...

By the way, I have not had a chance to upload my masterpiece, the Parisian Street Scene, here on my blog. So here it is...

I love this Maria Diaz design very much and I mostly enjoy making the french knot flowers in front of the windows.


  1. Oh, Dinny! It's just WOW! Your job is remarcable!! How do you intend to use it? On the wall? Hugs from Brazil and congrats!

  2. Hi Simone!
    I was relieved to finally finish this piece :)
    Yes, I think I have only one option, frame and hang it on my wall :)

    Kisses & Hugs xx

  3. Congrats on your finish Dinny! :D
    Looks beautiful!!!
    So colorful and so.. french! LOL
    I love those details in the windows but also the white and blue tablecloth, adorable :)
    You can be proud of yourself hehehe Great work! :D

  4. Hi Dinny!
    Wonderful work. I love it

  5. Wow Dinny, your finish is beautiful! All french knots! Love the colours - so bright and yes, very Parisian!!

  6. It is so beautiful,with so much details!I can only imagine how wonderful it would look on your wall.