Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parisian Street - April Update

I have been a very slow stitcher due to several office deadlines...
I always look forward to have one of my stitching weekends..
Here is my progress so far :

Week 11 - I have finished building my cafe...

Week 12 - My backstitches were done.. I'm impatient to build my tower..


  1. The embroidery is so delicate! So rich in detail, so wonderful!

  2. Your job is outstanding! WOW! I want to see more and more! lol

  3. Looking fabulous Dinny :D
    Keep up the good work! Soon it will be finish ;)

  4. Hi!
    I'm from Portugal and we are together in the SAL of Margaret Sherry. I love your Parisian Street. It's wonderful.I'm following you.

  5. Hi Dinny! Thanks for your comment on my blog!! Today I just posted my design titled "Unseen Foundation" at my blog, complete with downloadable PDF Chart pack (both Black&White and Color). If you have the time, would you please give me any suggestion about my design? Thanks!! :)

  6. By the way, Dinny, I think I haven't seen your tablecloth for a while. Oh I miss that one very much! :) Your Parisian Street is also wonderful, I can't wait for the Eiffel though! (But honestly I love your tablecloth better, lol) :) Happy stitching dear!