Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Birthday Girl

Another BFF of Tifa, my 11 y.o. daughter, was having a birthday at March 11.
I decided to made her this Make a Wish piece designed by Margaret Sherry from CrossStitcher magazine #215. I also used the mount provided by the website.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a ready-to-use frame that match the design size. So I used this 8R (8"X10") photo frame instead.

Another gift is done...
I think it's time to start my 2nd cat for the Margaret Sherry SAL and continue my Parisian Street...


  1. I love the way you wrote the message.. perfect!! =)

    Yes, I was featured in Cross Stitcher Magazine ;) I'm glad to have friends noticing it :D


  2. Thanks Joanita!

    Nia, honestly I couldn't think of anything else to express the birthday message..
    So I stitched the title of the chart.. LOL
    Congratulation again for being featured in the mag!