Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gardening anxiety

I have always been concerned about nature. Come to think of it, I only did it in a non-action way. A small example is the gardening. Knowing plants' Latin name, picking plants or tree to be planted, waiting for the flowers to bloom were all I did.

I actually never plant and take care of my plants in my garden. I let someone else do that part for me. The biggest contribution I have ever made was watering them (if it didn't rain...).

But I always enjoyed when flowers started to come out and bloom. I take minutes of my mornings to observe and enjoy them. Contented much.....?
I think I have to start doing the gardening myself.

This one blooms this morning. I didn't know what this blue orchid-like plant was until I googled about it. It's Neomarica gracilis, the Walking Iris, or we use to call it "anggrek tanah" (means ground orchid).

This one is my yellow Plumeria sp. or Frangipani. We use to call it "kemboja".

This one is my Murraya paniculata or Orange Jasmine. We use to call it "kemuning". These flowers smell very good & fresh, almost like jasmine.


  1. these flowers look so beautiful! wish spring would come here:-(

    1. I live in a tropical country, but it surely feels like spring all those blooming flowers...
      Hope your spring arrives soon! Climate change confuses me... :)

  2. I love - love - looooove Plumerias =)

    1. Me too, Nia!
      I think they are exotic...
      I'm going to attemp to plant the pink one :)