Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A newly found treasure

Last week, my mom gave me one big plastic bag that she said was from my aunt (my dad's older sister) who lives near my mom's house. So I came to my mom's house and picked it up. Inside, there are two boxes and a few books. Then I remembered that my aunt used to do various kind of needleworks many years ago. She has retired from her work as a principal of an elementary school at the moment.

It turned out that the books were old cross stitch pattern books and a few pattern sheets. I think it was from three decades ago. There were three Ondori books I couldn't afford back then.

I opened the first box.
There were several cross stitch and embroidery samplers. I wondered what I could do with these pieces so they wouldn't go to waste...

And few more old charts. I actually had stitched the castle at the right-bottom of this picture too when I was still in senior high school, in collaboration with my mom. We were still using plastic canvas at that time, so we had to stitched everything on the pattern. I remember that I detested the blue sky part because of the never ending use of blue yarn... I am actually pleased with the using of Aida fabric nowadays, so I don't need to do the one-color-background.

Let's move to the second box.
There are various color of DMC flosses.

And wool yarns.

The DMCs still have the old color-tag.

So this is my whole newly found treasure...

I surely hope it will motivate me to start stitching (seriously) again despite my cruel work loads.

Happy stitching!


  1. Wow! A treasure chest of goodies!! Enjoy :)

    1. Hehehe I will! Thanks for stopping by, Noni!

  2. I congratulate you with the treasures! I hope that you will find as them to use. I love old books; there are many wonderful patterns in. Threads will precisely be useful.

    1. Thanks, Silver! The treasure is indeed priceless...!