Thursday, October 11, 2012

My treasure (part 1)

Good coffee is a pleasure
Good friendship is a treasure


I love collecting mugs. Friends, family members, and colleagues are very much aware that I'm a mugholic, so they sometimes give me lovely mugs from their business trip or vacation to add to my collection.

What I didn't expect was having my "virtual" friends to contribute their generosity and effort to it too.

My instagram friend, Sylke Uhlig, sent me a big package filled with sweets, chocolates, and of course 2 Starbucks city mugs to fill my crowded cabinet, all the way from Herne, Germany. She kindly offered me the mugs after seeing me posting several picture of my morning coffee using my collection mug on instagram.

I was dancing with joy when the postman decided to drop by that day. But my heart skipped a beat to the sound of clanking glass. And what I feared the most was happening in front my eyes, the mugs were broken!

But then she decided to send me another pair as a replacement. I kindly refused the idea but she insisted to do it anyway.

A few weeks more waiting, the same postman delivered the mugs wrapped in two separate packagings. And I didn't have a chance to explain about it to answer his confusion as to why I kept receiving stuffs from abroad. I just shrugged and prepared myself in anticipation.

She cutely attached some pocket tissues as a "buoy" on each mug, afraid of getting them broken again.

So, here came my new mugs! Safe and sound! But the most important thing is a great memory of our mugs adventure. I surely will treasure it for the rest of my life.


  1. I really love your collection. I congratulate you with your new mugs and I am glad that the second time they came safe.

    1. Hi Silver!
      Thank you! I was also relieved when the second packages arrived! I couldn't bear if they were broken again!