Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back from hiatus

I can't believe that I'm on hiatus for 3 months!!!
Finally, my internet provider fixed the problem on the network.
Well, actually I could go online on my mobile phone, but it was just not the same.. hehehe

But still, I haven't had a chance to continue my cross-stitch WIPs...
Have loads of work and reporting to do..!

Mostly, I did some paperwork research and interviewing people to gather certain information needed.
And running the office is also conducted among those chaotic deadlines.
I was assigned to join new teams on several projects.
It's fun to meet new colleagues and get to know them...
Different personalities, work methods, habits, way of thinking...
I always learn something new.. :)


  1. Hi Dinny! Welcome back, girl!!!! I've missed you and also I've missed your beautiful projects! xoxo

  2. @Simone :
    Yes, I'm baaaack! Thanks!
    I need to catch up a lot!

  3. @Nia :
    Thanks Nia! It's good to be back!