Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend update

It's weekend! Yaaay! The good thing is I can get my deadlines off my mind this weekend..
I have fulfilled my targets last week and sure there will be new ones, but not until weekdays come

So, this quiet and bright morning I was working on arranging my stuffs..
Coffee was sure a good company as always
Those deadlines was causing an extra chaos at home
My closet, craft drawers, magazine stacks, shoes rack, were all huge mess

And then I found my old finished cross stitch at a corner of my craft drawer
I did these several years ago
I thought it was from Heritage Series, not sure actually..
I will have to search the pattern somewhere in my book shelf

Use recycled paper

Conserve water

Be an organic gardener (not finished yet, still need to stitch the plants)

And this one is one of my faves
since I love shopping very much, although I don't consider myself a shopaholic
but there were times when I just did a random and emotional shopping when I had a mood swing :(

Anyway, have a good weekend everyone!


  1. This is a funniest series I've ever seen! Wonderful! xoxo

  2. @Simone Arrais

    Hehehe.. Thanks Simone!
    The last one is my favorite...
    Well, shopping is always girls' favorite, isn't it?

  3. I love that little girl!! =) I have some patterns from her but as a ballerina and as a gymnast, adorable patterns that I have on my to-stitch-someday-list heheheeh
    Great work Dinny! :D

  4. @Nia

    Yes, this series are adorable!
    I have made one of the ballerinas for my daughter.. I haven't uploaded it yet..

  5. Kreasi-kreasinya bagus bagettt... sukaaa :) kalo boleh tau, pola-polanya berimajinasi sendiri atau gimana? jadi pengen bikin juga :)