Monday, November 07, 2011

November Rain

It's been raining a lot since last week.
Well, I think it's time to welcome the rainy season.
Though it's usually bright in the morning, can't help to notice cloud with a shade of black..

And in the afternoon, the rain starts pouring down, sometimes briefly and in several ocassions heavily with thunders and lightnings.

Moments after the rain are usually hectic (due to my hometown condition).
The rapid growth of private-own vehicles makes traffic jam a common ocassion on a daily basis. Also, people tends to halt their outdoor activities during the rain (off course) and they abruptly continue their activities as soon as rain stops. That's when we fight for space on the street... LOL.

Despite the uncomfortable routines, I just let my self enjoy the rain along with its consequences.
Earth after the rain is actually beautiful and melancholic...
Those falling leaves make me wonder how autumn feels like... (living in a tropical country leaves me with fewer choice of seasons... LOL)

Anyway, enjoy your day!! Whatever the season is...


  1. Here it's very-very cold! No rain on the weekend but it looks like it's coming back again tomorrow.. I'm not a winter person :p hehehe But the autumn colors are really pretty, it's true! I love to see the leaves, changing their colors, falling everywhere, it's nice :)

  2. @Nia

    Yeaaa.. I've been craving for autumn.. :)
    People says autumn is very cold but I hope I can experience its color myself someday... :)