Wednesday, January 05, 2011

What's in the envelope?

Happy (belated) new year everyone..!!
I have been feeling unwell since 5 days ago.
But I have recovered now... And I finally can reveal what is inside my new year's exchange envelope..

It is a coin purse from Hanna Sutrisno, my dear Indonesian cross stitching friend at facebook. She currently lives in Taiwan. And she sent the package from there.

It is lovely! I love the fresh color. I think I can use it for my pocket camera or cosmetics.

And here is what I have made for the exchange. A card I have sent to Ngiang in Jakarta.

The pattern is from CrossStitcher Magazine #229, designed by Margaret Sherry, and I also downloaded the mount from the website.


  1. Lovely gift :)
    And your 'cup of tea' looks adorable!! :D

  2. I like this lovely gift!
    amazing card!

  3. @Nia : thanks..! I enjoyed every stitch... :)

    @Olga : thanks to you too!!!
    I've read your blog, your works are amazing too!

  4. love the pattern where can I find it??

    1. The cat in the teacup can be found in the #229 Crossstitcher magazine... If you're lucky, you can find it on the internet, but I don't have the link.. :(