Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Piece 2011

Finally, at the beginning of year 2011, I managed to stitch the Parisian Street Scene, designed by Maria Diaz, from The World of Cross Stitching magazine.

As far as I remember, I only have 1 WIP, the tablecloth…. So I will do both of them alternaly…

I started stitch the new piece last Saturday. And here is the progress from the first week.


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  2. Hello Dinny,I think this piece is going to be wonderful! I hope to see the result soon! Beautiful choice, girl. Kisses from Brazil!

  3. What a nice project! Beautiful parisian sight :D

  4. Very nice choice.Looking forward to see finished piece.
    Kisses from Serbia.
    Love your blog.

  5. Thank you all.
    Your comments give me the energy..!!! LOL

    @Simone, Nia & Joanita : wish me luck!

    @Visnja : thank you for visiting my blog.


  6. Hai mbak, ketemu di sini kita :) Cantik banget gambarnya, mudah-mudahan cepat jadi, saya juga jadi semangat bikin Poppynya deh, biar bisa sharing. Mungkin diposting begini jadi lebih rutin kristiknya.
    Semangat mbak!

  7. @Mia : halooo... iya nih, dgn dishare di blog kayak gini jadi lebih semangat buat nyelesaiin.. :)