Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Traditional Pattern

I am excited... Yesterday, my Kebyar Duduk Dancer kit arrived safely at my office.. This time I bought the kit directly from the designer, Mrs. Aryati & Mrs. Niniek D from Crossstitch Point, Jakarta.

I was disappointed the last time I bought the Pendet Dancer kit from H***y C***t-Bandung, because the designer's name didn't mentioned on the kit. And I think H***y C***t just re-print the pattern and sell it (I mean, no royalty for the designer). And besides, the price is more expensive there.. heheheheh


  1. I love to see those traditional designs :)
    Have a good 'stitchy' weekend :D

  2. Wow, great!!! :) Yeah, I think the same way too, but I'm quite far from the other shops.. I only bought 3 bluemoon kits from them and later on I always buys dimensions. So my conclusion, if you want to shop there, it's better to buy dimensions, therefore your favorite designer will get the royalty. Or.. you could try to shop directly from the designers... For the example, Maria Diaz has her own online shop. :) I tried it and it's a really nice experience...!!

    Too bad I'm too lazy (and not allowed) to gather things so I prefer kits.