Thursday, June 04, 2009

Another Favorite Pattern

The common thing for someone who used to travel for work or vacation is hunting for souvenirs to take home for friends and relatives. Well, at least it's for me. Some say men don't do the same, they are less interested in buying souvenirs.

I began collecting souvenirs after I travelled to Bali in 1995. I was interested in several mugs with funny words at Joger.

And then, my husband's US bosses (they're husband and wife) gave me these Starbuck's City Mugs... Well, that's another homework for me since I don't have a display shelf or cupboard at our home. The mugs are adorable... Most of them are from US and Canada; Calgary, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Orlando, Miami, Chicago and so on. Others are from Nagoya, Kuala Lumpur,Singapore etc.

So I was excited when I found this pattern on the internet. Originally from Cross Stitcher Magazine designed by Margaret Sherry. I thought the designs match my mugs collection...

The cats are adorable.... So I began to stitch them...

Monday, June 01, 2009

Strawberries Cross Stitch

Another cross stitch chart I've found from the internet is this strawberries chart. Originally it designed for serving tray and pillow.

The chart doesn't mention who the designer is.

Since I didn't have that kind of serving tray, I decided to frame it instead.

Colorful Patterns

I used to stop by at Hobby Craft booth at Terracotta (Jl. Gandapura, Bdg) to buy some cross stitch supplies. I tried very hard not to buy pre-packed cross stitch kits since I thought that it will cost me a fortune. Beside, I have already had so many patterns from internet, luckily.. (I'm not able to share the link now, since it requires a password. It used to be a free source back then).

Then I saw this kit, and I can't help but to buy it. Well, it's very colorful and I was curious how it'll turned up.

I think it's originally from Jeremiah Junction Inc., that used to design country patterns. It cost me Rp. 55.000,-.

And this is how it ended up, I finished it in early April 2008. I used ready-to-use frame I could find and fortunately it fitted the design nicely.