Monday, June 01, 2009

Colorful Patterns

I used to stop by at Hobby Craft booth at Terracotta (Jl. Gandapura, Bdg) to buy some cross stitch supplies. I tried very hard not to buy pre-packed cross stitch kits since I thought that it will cost me a fortune. Beside, I have already had so many patterns from internet, luckily.. (I'm not able to share the link now, since it requires a password. It used to be a free source back then).

Then I saw this kit, and I can't help but to buy it. Well, it's very colorful and I was curious how it'll turned up.

I think it's originally from Jeremiah Junction Inc., that used to design country patterns. It cost me Rp. 55.000,-.

And this is how it ended up, I finished it in early April 2008. I used ready-to-use frame I could find and fortunately it fitted the design nicely.


  1. wah senangya2 melihat karya2 terbarunya,dah lama ditungu tungu.Keren euy sibuk kerja tapi masih sempat menghasilkan karya.Asyiik...dapat frame yang pas untuk gbr ini mengingat harga frame yang selangit

  2. Halo lagi Nusalinda..
    Iya nih blognya jarang diupdate..

    Yup, harga2 frame mahaaall
    jadi cari yg udah jadi aja...

  3. hi ditunggu loh posting karya2 terbarunya, oh ya Ris minta tolong gimana sih caranya masukin foto ke blog krn skr sy ga liat ikon foto jd kesulitan untuk memasukkn gbr posting terbaru,thanks

  4. Maksud nya skr saya ga liat ikon foto di toolbar sehingga saya ga tahu bgm caranya memasukkan foto,thanks

  5. hi Linda..
    mmm.. kalo nulis di posting baru, rasanya ada koq ikon "add image"..
    nanti pilih fotonya trus upload...