Sunday, May 06, 2012

Cross stitch forever, housework whenever

I love weekends. Less chaos, less commotions.

I love peaceful mornings of the weekend. No kids fighting over who gets to bathe first, no need to check out kids not forgetting to bring their homeworks or projects, no need to prepare kids' lunch boxes in such a hurry...

And the best thing is, I can pamper myself with a "real" morning coffee instead of an instant one... With sugar and lots of cream...

By the way, earlier this week I have decided to join the Margaret Sherry Lovers' Summer Exchange... Not sure what I'll make though, so I wish myself luck...

Now, let's forget housework this weekend. I'll need to finish my Soda piece and start my 2nd cat of Cool Cats SAL.

This is a preview of my unfinished & abandoned Soda piece, the Cafe Mocha.

Here is my prepared materials for Summer Cat.

I wish you all a pleasant weekend!


  1. Just love weekends too! I have signed up for the summer exchange but have no idea yet what I'll do! In the meantime I also need to do my next cool cat - I'm doing winter next ;0)

  2. Soda are always so adorable =)
    Can't wait to see your next cat! :D