Saturday, August 21, 2010

Table-cloth Update

I stitched like a snail... sooooo slow.....
More than one month from my 35% finished, now it's 50% finished...

Still need much spirit & energy towards my hectic days..!!


  1. Hello Dinny, I do not speak English well, then use the translationese google. Forgive the mistakes, but I'm glad with your presence on my blog. I started to follow yours.
    In the common cross stitch, much like the style of your work.
    I gather that is the Indonédia! So far! Glad we have the Internet to approximate the distance. Last year on a trip, I met the girl uam Indonesia! The only so far! *Ü* Ana Paula.

  2. Hi Ana..
    It's good to know you
    Well, I don't speak English as my everyday language either..
    I'm still learning to use it on my blog properly :)
    Yep, I'm glad the internet makes us connected though we're far from each other.
    And thanks to google translate, I can understand what you're writing on your blog.. :)
    I think the "cross-stitch language" is universal :P

  3. Hello Dinny, I agree that the the language of the cross point is universal and that we have good online resource for translators, we know they are not totally correct, but let us understand what is written.
    Glad to speak with someone who lives so far, but who also likes to point cross. =)

  4. Hi Dinny!
    You're getting to know Ana!! :D Ana and me, we have been friends for a few years, she's from Brazil and I'm from Portugal (thank God for the web!! LOL!)

    Your tablecoth is looking pretty! Keep up! :)

  5. I can't wait to see it when it's finished. So far the detail in stitching looks amazing! Great job!

  6. Hi Dinny!
    How's your wip going? :)
    Have a great week!!!

  7. Hi Susan & Nia,

    It's been a hectic week..
    We were on Iedul Fitri holiday here in Indonesia. It's moslems holiday..
    So, no update yet.. heheheh

    But we are back to the daily routine now. And I'm looking forward to work with my needle & thread again..!!
    Have a great week to you too..!!