Friday, August 06, 2010

Cooperative Fair 2010

In order to commemorate 63th "Hari Koperasi" (Cooperative Day), Dinas Koperasi, Usaha Mikro, Kecil dan Menengah Provinsi Jawa Barat (Department of Cooperatives, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of West Java Province) held a Cooperative Fair in Gasibu Bandung.

This 7th Cooperative Fair which runs from August 4 until August 8, 2010, involving approximately 500 cooperatives, micro, small, and medium enterprises from 26 cities/regencies in West Java and all of the 33 provinces in Indonesia.

I always take some time to visit this Coop-Fair, because I love to browse and buy ethnic products from all over Indonesia. I always love traditional and unique fabrics of each region in Indonesia. The sasirangan of Kalimantan, jumputan of South Sumatera, ikat of Bali/Lombok, ulos of North Sumatera, and so on. And off course, batik from several regions of Indonesia with their own unique patterns.

And today, I manage to leave the office for a short break and go to Gasibu. Wooow, this Coop-Fair is full with batik booths..!! Batik fabrics, clothes, bags, pillowcase, bedsheets, and lots more. And there are lots of visitors; choosing, discussing, considering, and bargaining.

One thing that draw my attention, many visitors are wearing batik today... Well, it's friday and government officers are required to wear batik clothes. And their offices are located in the Gasibu vicinity. The exhibitors are also wearing batik.

So, this is the result of my Coop-Fair visit this time. Purple batik of Cirebon and three brooches.. Although I promised myself not to buy another batik, I just couldn't resist the temptation... :)


  1. Waaaah, nice batiknya...!! hehehehehehehe, gimana WIP-mu? :) (duh pesenanku dari 123stitch belum nyampe2 nih, waktu itu kamu 10 hari ya nyampenya? Ini aku kayaknya udah 11 hari gitu deh..)

  2. Hi Cass... hehehe I'm addicted to batik too...

    hehehe.. sabar ya, moga2 cepet nyampe pesanannya.. kebetulan punyaku waktu itu agak cepat...

    WIP-ku blm maju nih, lagi gak ada asisten rumah :)
    jadi pulang kerja langsung banyak PR yang bener2 pekerjaan rumah :)

  3. Hehehehe, iya nih udah gak sabarrr..! (Meski cuma fabric + needles, coz buat ngecek apakah beneran bisa sampe ke tempatku apa kagak).

    Wah wah... pantes jadi rada jarang online juga. Semangat ya!

  4. Yup aku juga ga ada bedinde but as my fortune teller said (Cass) she guess it right, that xstitch is my priority, there always time for me to do the crosstitch:)well at least an hour a day, fact is way more than just an hour, it's hours.. mpe PRpun tebengkalaiii..yup tuoloong Rist beri aku tip jd Ibu RT yg baek :D