Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pendet Dancer

I have finally finished my pendet dancer cross stitch. It was quite a challenge using metallic thread. I thought I was experienced because I did the metallic stitches on Lesley Teare's oriental Peacock and Peonies. But still, I went through a tangled and knotted yarn. But I enjoyed every stitch and observed the shape of the dancer appeared on my Aida.

Then, I will need a suitable frame for this, with a traditional touch perhaps ;)

Now, I'm getting back to my postponed tablecloth... :)

Aug 3, 2010
I was just googling around and I found out that the original designer of the pendet dancer pattern is Mrs. Aryati from Crossstitch Point, Jakarta. Well, it's too bad that the Hobby Craft shop doesn't mention it in the kit :(
And here's the preview of the complete set from Buletin Bisnis Website about Crossstitch Point.


  1. Wohoooo!!! Congratulations my dear friend! :) Thanks for your email too! :D Can't wait to see your progress at that table cloth! :D

  2. Wow..! Yang desain orang Indo?? Waaaahhh ternyata desainer lokal gak kalah sama desainer luar..!

    Tapi emang tuh, hobby craft gak cantumin nama desainernya..! =___=