Thursday, June 07, 2012

Spice up your life

I have been doing the same daily routine lately. Especially since I have no maid to help me around the house. Mornings mean more commotions. Breakfast, e-mails, laundry, .xls spreadsheets, kids homeworks, coffee, etc. Same routine everyday, but in random order.

So, breaking out from my (our) routine, last weekend I decided to have an outdoor breakfast.

No fancy food though, just steamed rice with veggies soup, chicken curry, and fried tofu. Typical Indonesian breakfast.

It was fun, indeed. I'm just too lazy to set the table up. But I will definitely do this again next weekend. An attemp to spice up my daily boring common life...

And by the way, due to those morning chaoses, I forgot to post my finished Soda!

Tracking back through my photo albums, I found out that I started this piece at May 8, 2011. And I finished stitching it at May 16, 2012. Wow, I truly am a procrastinator... Should improve my stitching record in the future :)


  1. Lovely stitching. Sorry to hear your life has been a little bit of too much routine. Maybe things will get better soon, or maybe you have to find a very adventerous cross,stich project:-)

    1. Hi dulcinella..!
      Yes, definitely need to find adventurous things - cross stitch or not cross stitch - to make things better...
      I'm trying out crafting with some sewing involved. Hehehe wish me luck!

  2. Unfortunately life does become a routine at times - well done you for breaking out! Your finish is lovely. Well done ;0). I'm sure it doesn't matter how long it took the important thing is that you finished it!

    1. Hi Noni!
      You are right! I'm just glad to have one less WIP in my stash! I'll just enjoy the stitching process no matter how long it'll take to finish hehehehe...
      Same goes to the daily routine, enjoy it and spice it up a little bit!
      Have a great day!

  3. Beautiful Soda!!! I love your work, your frame, all gorgeous!!! Well done sweetie :D

    1. Thanks Nia! I've stored the frame from long time ago, glad it finally got to be used. Have a nice day!!