Thursday, February 09, 2012

Picture Sharing : Sharing the Memories

I agree with the saying that says picture speaks a thousand words...

I always love keeping my pictures well-arranged in photo albums although I'm not really good at taking pictures nor photography and I don't think I'm photogenic either. So I don't really think I have good photos but it's the memories that matter....

I'm also delighted to be able to share those memories through picture sharing websites, such as flickr (I use it since January 2010). Right now, I fancy Instagram, one of my iPhone app.

And today, I have used the app for exactly one year!

(Yes, there's a website which provide the statistics of our Instagram account)

I also kind of drag my hubby and my daughter to join the social networking app (my daughter only use my iPhone to login since she doesn't have one).
So, when one day my mom brought us a box of strawberries, we didn't immediately make strawberry juice like we used to. Instead, we took photos and later we posted the photos to our Instagram account.

Here's the picture uploaded by my hubby :

My daughter uploaded this one :

And this one is mine :

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