Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Birthday Girl

Another BFF of Tifa, my 11 y.o. daughter, was having a birthday at March 11.
I decided to made her this Make a Wish piece designed by Margaret Sherry from CrossStitcher magazine #215. I also used the mount provided by the website.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a ready-to-use frame that match the design size. So I used this 8R (8"X10") photo frame instead.

Another gift is done...
I think it's time to start my 2nd cat for the Margaret Sherry SAL and continue my Parisian Street...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Gift for Nabila

Last year, I have made a cross stitch birthday gift for my daughter's BFF, Nabila, when she and my daughter are in the 4th grade. This year, they are in the same class again at 5th grade. Since she had already received a framed cross stitch gift, this time I was thinking of giving her a smaller piece. By accident, I found this Margaret Sherry's Cat Bookmark chart. So I stitched the chart on a 16 count, 2 inches wide, white Aida band that I just bought at an online store.

It was my first time stitching on a 16 ct fabric... the squares are so small!!!
Fortunately, the chart was a fun to do...
And I used a cotton fabric for the back of the bookmark..

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Bogor, The Rainy City

Two weeks ago I visited Bogor, about 120 km from Bandung, to attend my husband's family gathering. Bogor is also known as the rainy city because of the frequent rain showers (even during the dry season).

And finally, this time I got a chance to buy Bogor Starbucks Mug at the Botani(cal) Square. It's a unique name for a shopping mall, I think. Well, the building once belonged to Institut Pertanian Bogor (the Bogor Agricultural Institute)..

Hmmm.. let's see.. Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bogor... I think I only need one mug left to complete my Indonesian Starbucks mug, the Medan mug. The Semarang outlet has been opened, but I don't think they have already had a City Mug yet.

After the gathering and strolling at the mall, in order to complete the "journey" we bought this Bogor snack, roti unyil (the "unyil" bread). We have many kinds of bread in Bandung, but this one is just... unique...

Unyil was a puppet character from old television show back in the 80s.
Addressed to children, this puppet series was about an elementary school child named Unyil and his adventures with his friends. The word "Unyil" means "small". The bread is named to suit its size....

Here's a picture of Unyil and the other casts...
Unyil is the one with red shirt, peci hat, and sarong.