Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Side of Bali (3)

I visited one of the famous ceramic manufacturers in Bali, the Tanteri Ceramic. This company exports its products to foreign countries, such as USA, Japan, and France. I have to admit that its designs are very smooth and refined.

Although the crafters use several types of machines and tools, the details are still done by hand. They carve, shape, and twist the clay carefully and neatly.

The products are very fascinating...

 I finish writing this post, I realize that still there's no beach pictures in my camera.... just like the last time I went to Bali...


  1. Great pictures, Dinny! I loved all posts about your country! Kisses!

  2. Exquisite local craft!
    oh! I would love to see the beach :) I hope you'll have pictures on your next trip ;)

  3. I loved all posts about your country!²
    I´m a curious people, I love this post. Bali is fantastic. have a nice weekend.

  4. @Simone : thanks! I love to explore my country, it's beautiful but sometimes there's a "mismanagement" in managing the places of interest.. It's a pity.. :(
    @Nia : Yeah, I hope I can visit the beaches next time! :)
    @Ana : thanks! Have a nice weekend to you too! :*