Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Side of Bali (2)

While in Bali, I stayed in Kuta area, one of the famous beaches of Bali. At night, the atmosphere is full with excitement; the loud music, the hectic traffic, the bustling cafe visitors, and so many more activities along the street. But in the morning, it is rather quiet. And this is the view from my room balcony.

And the Balinese people say that their building never exceed the height of coconut tree. And I am pretty sure about that (after observing the surrounding).

At Pejaten village, I visited the workshop of Wayan Kuturan, one of the pioneer in pottery-making. I tried to gather as much information about the pottery-making activities in this village. And I could not help to notice his shack's ceiling. It was beautiful. The wooden bar was decorated with carving.

And I just love the gold color.


  1. Amazing pictures, Dinny! I would visit Bali some day... Kisses!

  2. Thanks Simone!
    Yes, I am hoping you could visit Bali too :)

  3. Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing :)