Friday, June 04, 2010

Downloading Cross-Stitch Charts

I've been downloading online magazine-files on the internet these past few days.. Well, there isn't many cross-stitch magazines I can find there, but there's a few with cute and colorful designs at "". So, I'm satisfied with that so far..

I wasn't really intended to search for these cross-stitch charts at first. I just needed to enrich my preliminary research with a few facts and figures. And that led me to several file-sharing sites on the internet. Then I figured out that there were few people who (maybe) have the same hobby with me and shared their source of cross-stitch... Bless them, LOL...

There's a set of designs that catch my attention, it's the Margaret Sherry's "Culinary Cats" from February 2010 Edition of CrossStitcher Magazine. They are adorable and goes with my "Coffee and Cuddles" I have made some time ago. So I'm thinking of making them when I have spare time...

Here's previews of the charts..

And here's the magazines I've downloaded so far, the February (#222), March (#223), and April (#224) edition of CrossStitcher.

Hmmmmm... is uploading or downloading this kind of files against the copyrights?

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  1. that's right Ristinia,copyright hem...ha..ha..that made me confuse for a past few weeks, because I've been discussing this matter with my crossstitch addict friends,and the decision is should I put the freechart in my blog or shouldn't I. Last week I stop updating anything for a while just to think, beside I lost my camera cabel too.Look at my blog now, Ristinia,it's change a little bit.Thanks for updating your blog, I'm really likes seeing it because not too many xtitch blog made by Indonesian. Btw if there's anything you like most, any xstitch object or any brand xtitch, just tell me, ocreh