Saturday, January 07, 2012

Riau Trip - 3

Getting around in Selatpanjang mostly done by becak-motor. Here is a snapshot of our multitasking becak-motor driver, Bang Sam. He helped us a lot while we were there. His task were quite abundant, from delivering files and document, tourist guiding, ferry ticketing, to durian tasting.

Then, it was December 16 Friday morning and we had to bid goodbye to this unique city. He headed to the port and took the 8.30 a.m. ferry to Sekupang Port of Batam.

And this is a picture of our 2nd stop between Selatpanjang and Batam, Port of Tanjung Balai Karimun.

And after approx. 4 hours ferry ride, we reached Sekupang Port of Batam.
Actually, while Selatpanjang is 4 hours, Singapore is only 1 hour travel by ferry from Batam. So we have decided beforehand that we will take the opportunity of being in Batam to do a short visit to Singapore after Selatpanjang trip. And of course we have prepared our passport in hand. The international departure terminal building to Singapore is just next to the domestic terminal, so technically we only need to walk to get there. And of course the building is fancier than the domestic one.

But due to a lot of circumstances, including the need to withdraw some cash from several different ATMs, we decided to take the ferry from another port in Batam, the Batam Center. Only 8 of us decided to go to Singapore while the rest went directly to Bandung.

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