Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Riau Trip - 2

We stayed at Grand Meranti Hotel, a nice hotel in town. It was a morning after the rain, a view from my window...

Soil condition of Selatpanjang makes the water absorbed in a longer period of time than it usually does in cities of Java. It's called peat soil, I think...

The project presentations that the teams had to conduct started at 9 a.m at Bappeda office and Head of Regency office. It went quite well and we received many praises and inputs towards the project presentations. Then it was 4 p.m., time to call it a day...

Since the sun was still smiling, I decided to take a stroll. The last time I was here, I haven't had a chance to visit the famous oldest temple in Kepulauan Riau Province, the Hoo Ann Kiong temple.

Chinese culture has a strong impact on Melayu/Malay culture in Riau islands and Riau mainland. That's why we can see many Chinese temples and events in most regencies of Riau (mainland) or Kepulauan Riau (islands) Province.

And of course, visiting Riau would be incomplete without durian-hunting. So there we were at the night market, choosing the best durian there were. My friend Desi was in-charge for the bargaining and tasting.

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