Monday, December 24, 2012

Hello again

It's been quite a while since my last post.
Well, my work loads have always been the cruelest at the last two months of the year. And I actually have been occupied with my home renovation for about 6 weeks.

Hubby and I didn't intend to do a big renovation at first. We just needed to fix our ceiling. But then one thing leads to another... We ended up with a long list of things to fix.

And tons of brick, piles of paint, boxes of tile, and lots of packing and unpacking stuffs later...

Our plain pale yellow house...

has a tinge of fresh orange I've been wanting to apply...

I still have tons of stuff to re-manage... but I decide to take a break for a while and finish my two WIPs!

My New Year Exchange Gift 2013 with fellow Indonesian cross-stitchers (I've been doing this exchange for 3 years).

And my untouched Cool Cats, autumn and winter cats, from Margaret Sherry Lovers SAL #3.

Let's sit back and relax... Grab some coffee and stitch stitch stitch...!

Happy holidays!!!


  1. Wow you have been busy! Renovating has a habit of becoming a never ending project!! :)

    1. Busy indeed! Hahaha.. We intended to do a 4 days renovation and ended up having 6 weeks and counting!
      Wishing you a great year-end week! Happy holidays! :)